Want a car turbo that runs at peak performance? GAP Turbos can repair your existing turbo, replace it with a reconditioned unit or provide a new turbo.

Whatever your needs, call us today at our Birmingham Head Office on 0121-459-8170 – if it’s a new turbo or reconditioned unit we could have it with you tomorrow.

GAP Turbos have a small team of highly-skilled and experienced mechanics who are experts on all aspects of turbo repair.

Working out of our Birmingham workshop, we use the latest technology to ensure turbos are put through the highest  tolerances utilising state-of-the-art ‘precision balancing’ equipment – specifically, a VSR (Vibration Sorting Rig) high-speed core balancing machine, which revs to in excess of 250,000 rpm.

We know the issues that might affect a car turbo, we also are honest enough to say that often any perceived drop in performance has nothing to do with the turbo. Often faults are actually with the engine, and these are often issues the owner can rectify cheaply, potentially themselves. We have a fault diagnosis page on the site, while you can also call us today on 0121-459-8170 to discuss your turbo and what the problem might be.

If your turbo does need a repair, we can carry out the work for as little as £150 +VAT – this figures including collection of the unit and return delivery. If the turbo is repairable this is the most economical option, yet it still has the security of a six-month warranty.


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