Our quality assurance process, your guarantee of a replacement unit to meet or exceed OEM specification.


Each one of our re-manufactured turbos is assembled using a core housing rotor assembly (CHRA) that is built in house, using parts sourced only from approved suppliers.

Each CHRA is balanced on our VSR (vibration stabilisation rig) following assembly.


We engineer our CHRAs to meet, and in most cases exceed, OEM specification. therefore, giving a better quality, longer lasting Turbo.

Each GAP Turbo is supplied with a copy of this balance test result, and is further tested before despatch.

Along with the confidence in our experienced workforce, our commitment to providing the best quality re-manufactured units on the market, allows us to offer the UNIQUE GAP Turbos no quibble warranty. A market first within the re-manufacturing industry, and your guarantee of peace of mind.