Professional Off Vehicle DPF Deep Clean

From £100 +VAT (including free nationwide collection & delivery)

We offer a professional DPF cleaning service which is designed to clean Diesel Particulate Filters that have become blocked due to a build up of soot. In our Birmingham workshop, we have a 5 stage cleaning process;

1 – Internally inspect the DPF with an endoscope camera.
2 – Clean the DPF via a chemical solvent flush.
3 – Warm water de-greasing flush.
4 – Warm air dry.
5 – Internally check the DPF using an endoscope camera.

If you’re local we can remove, clean the DPF and re-fitting from only £175 +VAT and this also includes;

6 – Fault code checks.
7 – 10 mile road test.

All DPF’s that we clean come with a 12 month ‘no quibble’ guarantee and once we have the DPF, this usually takes us 1 working day to fully clean the DPF – meaning you should be able to get your DPF back to you within 2 working days once we receive it.

Our DPF cleaning service is 95% successful but if your DPF is beyond cleaning, we will contact you upon the testing stage, there will be no charge we can send the unit back to you for free. If you do need to source a brand new DPF, we can do this for you at a very competitive price.

Please call us to arrange your DPF cleaning 0121-459-8170