We’re always looking to work with people in the trade – we can offer you trade specific discounts and a no quibble guarantee.

Please call us on 0121-459-8170 to discuss this further.

The GAP no quibble guarantee is a unique guarantee that is offered by us, we are currently the only re-manufacturer, or indeed, any manufacturer to offer this.

The GAP No Quibble Guarantee means we will repair, on one occasion during the first year of your 2 year warranty FREE of charge



If ANY of the situations below exist, it will be covered;


~ If there is a lubrication issue with the vehicle – COVERED

~ If there is impact damage/foreign body ingress – COVERED

~ Any other problem with vehicle – COVERED

~ A fitting problem – COVERED



In summary, you will be covered whatever the cause of failure!


Not only will this eliminate the issue of who bears the cost for a further repair, it facilitates the shorter repair time, returning the customers vehicle to them as quickly as possible. Also, we will collect the failed unit, again at no cost, and on receipt, our technicians will inspect the unit and provide the garage with a full report on the cause of failure, thus preventing a further failure.

We feel this offers a unique service to the trade and one that will help build and maintain good customer relationships and generate repeat custom.

Call us on 0121-459-8170 to discuss this further and set up your account.