What is a DPF?

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a device which sits in the exhaust system, it “captures” soot / diesel particulate and other nasty particles so they are not released into atmosphere.  A diesel particulate filter can remove upwards of 85% of the particles from the exhaust, reducing harmful emissions.

The DPF physically captures the soot and ash particles in a net or mesh like structure within the filter.

Diesel Particulate Filter


DPF Regeneration

There are two different types of DPF regeneration that are commonly used. These are active and passive. Which ever your car uses you’ll still have to meet some strict conditions in order for the regeneration to start. It’s usually a combination of engine temperature, speed and RPM. A rule of thumb is that the engine needs to have reached normal operating temperature, you’re travelling at more than 40MPH and the RPM (revs) of your engine is at least 2500 RPM. Depending on how blocked or effective your regeneration will determine how long it needs to be performed.

  • Engine at normal operating temperature
  • At least 40MPH
  • At least 2500RPM
  • Fingers crossed!


Professional DPF Cleaning

At GAP Turbos, we offer a Professional DPF Cleaning Service which is a completely off-vehicle 5-stage clean which you can find out more info here. Having your DPF professionally cleaned puts your mind to rest, knowing that your DPF has been restored to nearly new – as it removes more soot/debris than any other cleaning/regeneration method that’s available.


Find out if you need your DPF cleaning here and the options that are available to you.