Turbocharger Fitting from £150

DPF Fitting from £75

Free Diagnostics & Free Local Collection*


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Our main aim is to keep our customers happy as we understand that having your car off of the road is an issue, so we aim to do the required work as soon as we can which is usually within 24 hours.

We have a fully equipped, modern workshop on-site which is located next to our re-manufacturing facility. The workshop is manned by qualified mechanics with many years’ experience gained specifically in the diagnosis of Turbo issues, DPF issues, the fitting of replacement units and DPF’s.

Our fitting service price includes replacement oil filter, renewing engine oil as well as a visual inspection prior to work commencing to confirm that your Turbocharger has failed. Should any further parts be required, we always contact our customers before carrying out any chargeable work before commencement.

Because our workshop is located next to our re-manufacturing facility, we can sometimes offer a basic Turbo repair instead of a full replacement, not something your ordinary garage can usually offer, again potentially saving you a great deal of time and money.


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*Free fitting and recovery applies when any diagnosed required work is carried out on our premises otherwise fees will apply.