Find Your Turbo Part Number

In order for GAP Turbos to supply the correct turbo for your vehicle, we need specific information relating to your vehicle data. In the first instance, we require your vehicle registration number and chassis number, if you have it available.

Ideally, we also need the turbo part number. The location of this turbo part number, on the turbo as a component, can vary, by turbo/vehicle manufacturer/vehicle marque. To assist you in having this information, readily available, when you call our technical sales staff, we identify below, by turbo manufacturer, where this part number can be found on the turbo component.

To ensure we supply you with the correct turbo, please supply the following details:



It is preferable if you can supply us with the make and part number of the actual turbo fitted to your car (See below for general guidance). If after following the guide you cannot find these details, your main dealer may be able to assist you.

Failing that, we will probably be able to identify the type of turbo you require from the make and model of your car and your registration number. We will need to know:

• Make, eg Audi

• Model, eg A4

• Chassis Number

• Registration number / date of manufacture /model year eg. 2008

• Size of engine, eg 2-litre

How to identify the make and part number of your turbo

There are several manufacturers of turbos. These include Garrett, KKK, Borg warner, Mitsubishi and IHI. Below are guides to help you identify where, in each case, you can find the part numbers which ideally, we require.




A Garrett part number consists of 6-digits. Followed by a dash (-) and then more digits. Please see below some examples:




The part number is usually located on the alloy compressor cover of the turbocharger. There is usually a smooth, 2-inch plate where the number is located or sometimes printed into the compressor cover itself. There will be a number of characters located on the plate. Usually the Manufacturers’ part number, OEM number and Model Number will all exist.


KKK / BorgWarner Turbo Systems


KKK or Borg Warner are more difficult to find. The part number is found on the alloy compressor cover of the turbo and will be on a small KKK plate. An example of a KKK part number are as follows:

K03-0053, 5303 970 0053, 5303 988 0053

K04-0020, 5304 970 0020, 5303 988 0020

KP35-0005, 5435 970 0005, 5435 988 0005

KP39-0022, BV39-0022, 5439 970 0022, 5439 988 0022

Having 970 or 988 just means the part is a Turbocharger.


Mitsubishi Turbo Systems


Mitsubishi part numbers have a 5-digit prefix, followed by a dash (-) and an additional 5-digits, for example: 49377-03041.

The part number will be on either a tag attached to the turbocharger, or stamped onto the alloy on the compressor cover. The part number is likely to begin with a ‘4’ at the start. Examples of a MHI part number looks like:




IHI Turbo Systems

IHI part numbers contain both letters and numbers. The part number can be located on the alloy compressor cover of the turbocharger. The numbers will be stamped on the unit. Examples of an IHI part number may be: